Classic GP Manager is a Formula One manager game that started from the 1979 season. Each manager controls one team with the goal of becoming the Formula One World Champion. Primary goal of the game is to create an alternative F1 history.

Race weekends are run on an average of twice a week. They are simulated in Microprose Grand Prix 2 while the team and driver performance and attributes are calculated using Excel sheets.


V E Classic GP Manager seasons
1979 • 1980 • 1981


Following the tragic weekend at Monza the previous season that cost the life of Lotus driver Ronnie Peterson, F1 had a stormy 1979 off-season. A number of FOCA (Formula One Constructors Association) teams demanded immediate actions from FISA, the sport's governing body, to improve the safety of the cars.

FOCA teams wanted more regulation on the safety aspects of car building and better pre-season crash tests. Their proposal also included reducing the speed and banning the turbos (only used by Renault) that were regarded too dangerous to drive.

FISA and most notably Ferrari on the other hand blamed Lotus's innovative ground effect as the primary cause for the accident. FISA didn't see a need for more safety measures and their proposal only included a ban on ground effect systems.

Both proposals were met with very mixed reception. Some of the smaller FOCA teams felt their opinions weren't heard enough when creating the proposal. Thus, Shadow, ATS, Ensign and Arrows switched sides to FISA camp. FISA camp wasn't uniform either as Renault was left in a limbo by both proposals. They felt more safety regulations were needed but FOCA's proposed ban of turbos was unappealing for them.

Negotiations lasted weeks and it seemed impossible to reach an agreement. FOCA, lead by Brabham boss Bernie Ecclestone, was already laying groundwork for a new rival championship. Renault had released an official statement of their retirement from the sport. Finally, somehow, an agreement was reached and the first Concorde Agreement was signed.

Main points of the agreement were:

  • FISA and FOCA are disbanded, RDFIA will take control of the sport
  • All team managers, principals and leading FISA personnel are banned for life from the sport
  • All existing contracts between teams, drivers and engine and tyre manufacturers are nullified
  • Safety of the cars is greatly improved
  • Testing is tightly regulated by the governing body

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