The RaceDepartment Formula FG Championship is a championship held in the Forum Games section of RaceDepartment using Grand Prix 4 to fully simulate race sessions. The first championship started in October 2014, with weekly races run, filmed and commentated by the Moderator.

Formula FGEdit

Formula FG is a single seat series in which participating teams are required to choose a vehicle (any post 1988 F1 car, or a standard F1 Style car) and then paint it. Teams are then required to hire themselves two drivers to drive their vehicles using Grand Prix 4 to simulate the race weekend. Teams and drivers receive cash for their efforts, which they can use to further progress their skill. Points are awarded to post 2010 F1 style (25-18-15-12-10-8-6-4-2-1), with the Formula FG Championship for Drivers awarded to the single driver posting the largest haul of points for the season. The Formula FG Constructors Championship is awarded to the team whose cars have together scored the most points over the season, with no limit to the amount of drivers involved. Races are held over distances between 50-100% the full Grand Prix distance, with the majority of races at 75%.


The first Formula FG season begun in Melbourne on the 31st October 2014, 3 days after a series shakedown and unveiling in Silverstone. Tapio Rinneaho took the first pole, while in the race Aidan Keranen came from 9th to win the first race, also being a home race for the Melbournian. Andy Black took the fastest lap in Melbourne, before winning in Malaysia. Pablo Diehl had wins in Brazil (home race), Spain and Canada; Tim Engberink won in Germany; Tapio Rinneaho won in Monaco; and Jack Hunsley won in San Marino, Great Britain (home race), Austria and Europe to hold the championship lead.


Season 5 (Current)

V T E Formula FG Seasons
Season 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5Season 6

Hall of FameEdit

(Correct as of S5 Belgian Grand Prix)

Driver ChampionshipsEdit

Rank Driver Titles
E1 Uk Jack Hunsley
Aus Jamie Cocks
Aus Nathan Cornes
Fin Joel Rautavaara
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

Constructors ChampionshipsEdit

Rank Constructor Titles
E1 Uk DTK Racing
Can Northern Tech Motorsports
Mon Apex Racing Team
Hun Falcon Motorsport
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

Driver WinsEdit

Rank Driver Wins
1 Uk Jack Hunsley 10
E2 Fin Joel Rautavaara
Fin Tapio Rinneaho
4 Aus Nathan Cornes 8
5 Bra Pablo Diehl 7
6 Aus Jamie Cocks 6
E7 Ned Stephan Böhner
Aus James McNamara
9 Gre Manolis Sigoulakis 4
10 Ger Ben Utzer 3
E11 Uk Daniel Harvey
Uk Joseph Wright
Uk Jack Laskey
E14 Aus Aidan Keranen
Den Andy Black
Ned Tim Engberink
Ita Andrea Dovizioso
Uk Rob Sharp
Aus Aaron Reed
Arg Mane Goddard
Fr Hugo Rossello

Constructors WinsEdit

Rank Constructor Wins
1 Uk DTK Racing 16
2 Aut Apex Racing Team 12
E3 Can Northern Tech Motorsports
Hun Falcon Motorsport
Aus 2KF1 Racing
6 Aus Razor Racing 7
7 Ger BRT 5
8 Ned Ravenwest Motorsport 4
9 Can Viper Racing Team 2
E10 Ned Speedy Racing
Ger RD Racing
Den Driftslide Racing

Driver PodiumsEdit

Rank Driver Podiums
1 Fin Tapio Rinneaho 25
2 Fin Joel Rautavaara 22
3 Bra Pablo Diehl 20
4 Uk Jack Hunsley 16
E5 Ger Ben Utzer
Tur Omer Said
7 Gre Manolis Sigoulakis 14
8 Aus Jamie Cocks
Aus James McNamara
10 Aus Nathan Cornes 11

Driver PolesEdit

Rank Driver Poles
1 Uk Jack Hunsley 14
2 Gre Manolis Sigoulakis 12
3 Uk Daniel Harvey 10
4 Fin Joel Rautavaara 9
E5 Tur Omer Said 8
E6 Fin Tapio Rinneaho
Aus James McNamara
E8 Ger Ben Utzer
Por Rui Martins
10 Bra Pablo Diehl 3

Driver Fastest LapsEdit

Rank Driver Fastest Laps
1 Uk Jack Hunsley 15
2 Fin Tapio Rinneaho 9
3 Bra Pablo Diehl 7
4 Aus Nathan Cornes 6
E5 Aus Jamie Cocks
Fin Joel Rautavaara
Gre Manolis Sigoulakis
Tur Omer Said
E9 Ger Ben Utzer
Hun László Csákó
Uk Daniel Harvey
Aus James McNamara

Driver PointsEdit

Rank Driver Points
1 Fin Tapio Rinneaho 673
2 Fin Joel Rautavaara 626
3 Bra Pablo Diehl 501
4 Aus James McNamara 498
5 Gre Manolis Sigoulakis 448
6 Uk Jack Hunsley 408
7 Ger Ben Utzer 402
8 Ned Stephan Böhner 391
9 Aus Nathan Cornes 387
10 Aus Jamie Cocks 357

Team PointsEdit

Rank Driver Points
1 Uk DTK Racing 1191
2 Aut Apex Racing Team 1032
3 Hun Falcon Motorsport 988
4 Aus 2KF1 Racing 899
5 Can Northern Tech Motorsports 736
6 Ger BRT 512
7 Aus Razor Racing 459
8 Ned Ravenwest Motorsport 366
9 Ned Speedy Racing 332
10 Leb Cedars Motorsports 324

General StatsEdit

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