Round 6 in Season 2 of the GPTCC took place in Monte Carlo. It was held from 24th of December till 26th of December 2014, in Monaco.



Bandicam 2014-12-25 14-00-11-163

Race 1Edit

Monte Carlo - Race 127:06

Monte Carlo - Race 1

Bandicam 2014-12-25 14-00-23-040

Race 2Edit

Monte Carlo - Race 202:41

Monte Carlo - Race 2

Bandicam 2014-12-25 20-23-43-859

Race 3Edit

Monte Carlo - Race 302:11

Monte Carlo - Race 3

Bandicam 2014-12-27 11-14-56-163

Standings after the raceEdit

Drivers' Championship standings

Bandicam 2014-12-27 11-15-07-122

Constructors' Championship standings

Bandicam 2014-12-27 11-15-17-230

  • Note: Only the top five positions are included for both sets of standings.

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